Banana Boat Rides

This ride will give you all the speed, thrills and wet excitement you can handle. The inflatable “banana” raft seats up to six people and is pulled along the water behind a powerful Jet Ski. It’s a bumpy and fun-filled ride as your experienced pilot takes you skimming over the water at fast speed. This will undoubtedly be a true “Kodak moment” and an unforgettable experience.

Locations for Banana Boat Rides:

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Sunday 10:30am-5:00pm weather permitting

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each person riding on a Banana Boat must wear a life vest and helmet provided
  • Passengers on Banana Boats may be 7 yr.+ with signed permission from guardian
  • All passengers are required to sign a Liability Waiver and shoe valid ID
  • Designated riding areas are strictly enforced
  • Water sports activities may not be operated ½ hour after sunset