Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics takes on a new form of fun with Boucher Brothers’ style.

Raise the stakes. Lower your inhibitions. Level the playing field. Boucher’s custom-designed tournaments reinforce the principles of leadership, team work, and hard work. Brains and brawn are used to compete, bringing together the team in a way that’s often not possible in the office. Learn your coworker’s quirkiest quirks, and enjoy working with them more because of it.

The activities provided simulate problem-solving, trust, cooperation, mutual support, commitment, open and effective communication and accountability.

All activities are geared towards reinforcing a winning attitude towards a common goal, with non-stop laughter throughout! Whether your group consists of ten or 5,000, you will be in great hands with the Boucher Brothers. We will work with you to tailor activities based on your company’s needs, followed by impeccable planning and implementation. Events meet local Permitting and Insurance standards and include setup and breakdown of all equipment, facilitation of event, full uniformed referees and a Master of Ceremonies. The beach area will be specially designated for your group and decorated with lively colored flags and/or banners.

Teams and the selection of a team captain may take place prior to arrival or on the spot. Our Beach Olympics referee will then explain the rules and regulations required to ensure a safe, fun and competitive experience. The games begin under the supervision of uniformed referees who will call the action and keep all the scores.

A tiebreaker system is instituted for tie situations. For the grand finale, we present a ceremony to announce the winners and present awards, and may include personalized messages from the corporate leaders. Beach Olympics ensures an outrageously fun, learning and morale-boosting event that your team is sure to rave about for months! The Beach Olympics program usually runs between one to three hours, depending on your individual needs, activities selected and the size of the group.

Classic Games brought to life

You can choose from our menu of challenges or let us to create a personalized program for you!


10 – 1000+


1.5 to  3 Hours




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