Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is one of the most ideal beaches for families and locals alike. It’s a quiet beach away from the craziness of South Beach. There you can enjoy your peace and quiet while lounging on our luxuriously comfortable lounge chairs.  And if you are a surfer or swimmer, then you are really in luck! After you get your fun workout fix in the water you can rest yourself underneath one of our large umbrellas and lounge chairs while watching others attempt what you just did. The beautiful beach is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Intercostal Waterways. It is lined with immaculate white soft sand and crystal aqua waters. You can’t miss out on checking this beach. It is one of the best-hidden secrets that Miami has to offer.

Services we offer here:

  • Beach Concession
  • Lounge Chair, Umbrella, Cabana, Beach Bed Rentals

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